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Dry Ice Blasting is a process in which particles of solid carbon dioxide (dry ice grains) are propelled out of a spray nozzle at high velocity to clean a surface. As dry ice penetrates the contaminant, it rapidly returns to its gas form, separating the contaminant from the surface and leaving it clean, dry, and undamaged.

800 Model

39"H x 23"L x 18"W
Weight: approx. 250 lbs
80 lb hopper capacity
5-8 lbs/min adjustable ice consumption

Keeping our policy of simplicity, aggression, and low costs, we have built an incredible dry ice blasting machine, in some cases doubling the cleaning power of dry ice. The 800 is the blaster that will deliver the best value with top shelf performance... which means high aggression, low maintenance, and competitive pricing.

100 Model

18"H x 18"L x 13"W
Weight: approx. 85 lbs
10 lb hopper capacity
1 ls/min maximum ice consumption
Shown with optional wheel kit

The 100 is compact, lightweight, and able to do most of the jobs our other machines can. Allow us to introduce our series of dry ice blasting machines and let us show you the future of dry ice blasting!